Reason Kennels has been established for over twenty years and in that time has become one of Australia’s leading breeding and selling greyhound establishments.  We have sold greyhounds throughout the world including the USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand as well as Australia.

Reason Kennels has produced high quality animals that have gone on to win Group and feature events over many, many years.  Every greyhound produced at Reason Kennels is bred for competing at the highest level and we will not breed from anything other than top class.  Every bitch in our kennel must be nothing short of city class and from impeccable bloodlines.

“Quality begets quality” and that is what we are about.  We understand that owners and trainers want city class greyhounds that can run 500+ metres and be competitive at major city tracks so our breeding policy is to supply same.

All of our pups are expertly handled from day one, from whelping right through until purchase and no expense is spared in trying to achieve the `perfect racing dog’.

Reason Kennels has a blanket policy of “everything bred is for sale” – NO EXCEPTIONS

So you can be assured that all clients have the opportunity to purchase the dog they want, not like some so called breeders who keep the best and sell the rest!

If you are interested in contacting us please don’t hesitate to call Rob Tyler at Reason Kennels.

Email us any time!

We look forward to welcoming you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients.